Saturday, April 4, 2015

Salad #24 - Green bean salad

(not real photo)

To serve 4 to 6

1/2 lb. - 3/4kg.     small tender green beans, trimmed 
1 tbsp. -  15 mi.   butter  
1                          garlic clove, halved 
2 tbsp. 30 mi.      finely chopped fresh chervil   
2 tbsp. 30 mi.     finely chopped, fresh young burnet  
2 tbsp. 30 mi.    finely chopped fresh tarragon  
2 tbsp. 30 mi.    finely cut fresh chives  
2 tbsp. 30 mi.    finely chopped fresh watercress  
                         olive oil 
                         tarragon vinegar 
                         freshly ground black pepper

Cook the bflans in boiling salted water with the butter until just tender, then drain them. Rub a salad bowl with the garlic clove and arrange the beans pleasingly in the bowl. Mix the herbs together and arrange them in a ring around the beans. Season the salad at the table with the olive oil, tarragon vinegar and a little black pepper.


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